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Welcome To Our International Freight & Removals Service


International Freight Services UK is your dedicated UK, Europe and international removals service. If you have decided to start a new life abroad and are planning on moving from the UK to just about any destination around the globe. International Freight Services are here to take the hassle and headache out of shipping your personal possessions to your new home. 


Whether you're starting a new life in Australia, Canada, Thailaind or perhaps somewhere closer in Europe, in fact wherever you are moving anywhere in the world, we will make sure you are reunited with your precious possesions and personal effects with the minimum anount of fuss and at a highly competitive price.


Moving abroad is of course a very exciting event but it can also be a very stresfull time with a lot of upheavel. With the countless things you will have to arrange and consider, let the international removals experts take the worry out of one important aspect of your move. Our team of specialists are equipped with an unrivalled knowledge of the global shipping industry and will ensure your goods are safe and secure, from the moment of collection right up until they are installed in your new home abroad.


We can ship your items by sea, air or dedicated road courier, depending on your budget, the speed in which you need to receive your possesions, the type of goods you are shipping and the service you require. Our experienced team are able to walk you through each aspect of the shipping process, offering invaluable advice regarding our services and your avialable options.

Recommended UK same day courier service.

Recommended overnight parcel delivery.



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